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Metal Roof Consultants . What are our options when we get to this point with a property? If the building owner is fortunate, the building should have ongoing operations inside, critical storage materials, best solution for these conditions.

Phone (800) 728-4010 Fax (423) 728-3066 1 HOW TO FIGURE METAL ROOFING MATERIALS 1. The first step in figuring your metal roofing is to make a sketch of it, complete with the roof measurements.

A Comparison of High End Roofing Options Prepared by Howard Maxfield which is the best long-term investment for The lowest cost per year of life product is Classic Rustic Metal Shakes and the most expensive roof over its lifetime is Cedar shingle untreated.

Metal Roof Systems in High-Wind Regions April 2009 Page 1 of 5 Purpose: To recommend practices for designing and installing Metal Roofing Options A variety of metal panel systems (including composite foam panels) are available for low-slope (i.e., 3:12 or

Roof Pitch Best Buy Metals' panels require a certain degree of pitch to ensure proper water Consult our representative for recommendations for your particular roof pitch, and about roofing options if you have less than a 3/12 TurboShear HD The best tool for cutting metal roofing panels.

ENERGY STAR Roof Product List ENERGY STAR Partner Brand Model Name Model Number Additional Model Information Product Type Initial Solar Reflectance Metal Roof Panels Metal Roof Panels Metal 0.69 0.55 0.25 Yes Yes No 20 9/23/2009 3/15/2011 Acrylux Paint

This manual contains suggestions and guidelines on how to install Best Buy Metals panels and trim details. The If you must walk on a metal roof, take great care. Metal panels can become slippery, Installation Options

Light-colored materials work best, but If you want unfinished metal roof-ing, Galvalume (an alloy of aluminum and zinc) is a much better cool-roof options. The incoming ventilation air is hottest just when you need the cooling.

Systems, and a properly designed metal roof will outlast those other options by vide the best chance of success. That means eliminating as many places as possible for the roof to leak. The perfect building for a low-slope metal roof would be rectangular

An Insider’s Guide to Metal Roofing When choosing a metal roof, you should consider all options. First and foremost, Copper is best known for its attractive blue-green, or verdigris patina that forms when left exposed for 8-15 years.

HOW TO BUY A METAL ROOF FOR YOUR HOME – 2 – Introduction Buying a new roof for your home can be a daunting and difficult task for any homeowner.

The possibility of roof leaks. METAL RETROFIT CARLISLE Improving a Bleak Rooftop View Carlisle offers a number of roof system options that can be Best Materials® Subject: Metal Roof Retrofit Reroofing System Overview,

Roof Recoating Offers An Alternative To Metal Roof Replacement By Bob Brenk President Aldo Products Inc. Roof replacement remains an expensive proposition for

Wood Deck Over Metal Roof. Wood Deck Over Metal Roof. Underside. Duckboard Decks Relatively easy to construct. Easy to remove in sections for cleaning & Best to recoat them with Dessertcrete or something similar. Magnesite Deck. Concrete Over Felt

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